10 Things You Can Actually Do With Your Smartphone

We’re glued to them. We wake up in the morning and check social media. We text our friends when we reach the office. We play a game when we’re taking a toilet break then repeat the cycle when lunchtime arrives. Here’s a trivial list of other things you could use your smartphone for to break the mould.

1. Become a fitness freak – when you set those goals to become super strong or super healthy, there is a wealth of fitness apps to help you out and become the ultimate fitness snob via your phone. MyFitnessPal will help show off all the good foods you’re eating and you can even lie to your friends when you have a second KitKat – they will never know!
Various pieces of kit such as FitBit come with associated apps to download which cleverly track your sleep, steps and calories and reward you with badges which you can show off on social media.

2. Mirror – It’s the 21st century and not many men carry around a pocket mirror. It’s more likely that a bloke you pass on the street has a bathroom mirror on his person. So how does the run of the mill man check his hair and his blemishes without being seen? Smartphones! Never leave home without your mirror/ smartphone and you shall be presentable ever more.

3. Run Your Business – We are rightly becoming more dependable on our smartphones. Not only can they run your personal life but your professional life can be added to or perhaps even completely run via your phone. Professional bloggers can write a whole entry via their apps whilst on the train to the office. Salesmen can respond to overnight emails and your manager can even reject your overtime sheet all through her smartphone on her commute in.

4. Office Olympics – With the ever-popular Office Cricket and Office “toss the stress ball” fading out, what better to replace them that Office Smartphone Olympics? The options here are limitless and it comes down to how brave you can be with your pride and joy. Javelin is the obvious choice but don’t rule out discus or pole vault just yet!

5. True Communications – 20 years ago, if you wanted to send an email, an SMS, a fax or print something, this could be an hour-long activity. You had to wind up the PC and dial up to the internet then turn on your Nokia 3310 and play Snake before you could think about any content for your email or text.
The fax machine would be engaged whilst your mum was on the phone to Aunt Betty and the printer had run out of paper.
Now, none of this need happen as we simply tap away and get all forms of communication complete in one go and send to all.

6. Pretend you have a house phone – You’ve seen them in gift shops and perhaps read about them in history books and yes, the landline was an actual thing! Be it corded or cordless, we used to be restricted to not leaving the house until that call was ended.
So why not turn back the years and turn your smartphone into a house phone like one of these:http://mashable.com/2012/09/02/iphone-docks-desk-phone/

7. TV Remote – As humans, we lose the TV remote control on average 39,292 times a day. How often do you lose your smartphone? Precisely. So, let the TV remote be swallowed by the sofa or slobbered on by the dog because the world is your oyster and your smartphone is your new remote.

8. Diagnose Your Health – This is not strictly recommended for actual diagnosis but is fun all the same. Various websites like https://www.diagnose-me.com/ exist and various apps such as Prognosis: Your Diagnosis are great to find out you are the first pregnant male or that you have 13.5 seconds to live. The question is what do you do with those 13.5 seconds? Probably, check your smartphone.

9. Banking – Most millennials have never been to a bank. Most people under the age of 40 will never need to go to a bank again. Almost every bank has an app and the majority of these allow access to make a payment, transfer a balance or look longingly at your ever-decreasing balance.

10. Call Someone – Novel, yes, but we don’t ever call anyone anymore do we? Call someone, that’s what phones are for!

Dominic is the Director of Content Marketing & Communications at Mio. You can follow their blog about Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams here.

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