It’s a Strike

Sorry if you clicked here for ten pin bowling; I’m actually referring to the curse of the commuter, bane of businesses, lament of London…the infamous tube strike.

It seems like every few weeks this subject takes over social media. Co-workers warning each other of troubled times ahead, as once again the chaps at RMT have decided to make everyone’s lives a misery for a day or two.

Across the whole of its network, TfL accommodates an average of around 4.5million passenger journeys per day, which is about half the population of London itself, and these figures only continue to grow. With such reliance within the Capital for this service, it’s no wonder the tube unions always seem to achieve their demands…but does it have to be this way?

To many positioned within middle and upper management, the term ‘working from home’ has historically been synonymous with losing sight of your employee for the day, constantly wondering what they’re up to or if they’re even working at all. But times have changed!

With the growth of apps such as Skype for Business coupled with the emergence of Unified Comms, the above concerns are a thing of the past and enables anyone with a laptop and an internet connection to have the full office experience from the comfort of their living room.

Presence can show your boss that you made it to that conference call he wasn’t sure you’d remember, IM can have you chatting to your colleagues at the click of a button and UC mobile apps can take your office number and directory with you almost anywhere.

Even when everything is not plain sailing, the versatility of the UC product set knows no bounds. During one particularly busy day, my cat decided that my ADSL filter looked like a good chew toy, promptly knocking me offline. With no spare in sight and after a quick phone call to my boss to confirm yes I am still alive, I headed for my nearest public WiFi hotspot; rather ironically, a Wetherspoons about 2 minutes’ drive from my house, where I promptly grabbed a seat, plugged in my laptop and got myself back online, with the added perk of a potential all day breakfast.

So, the next time you see that sinister header on the TfL site or get tagged in a warning on Facebook, don’t be afraid; technology is here to save the day!

Once again, sorry if you clicked here for ten pin bowling…


Rob Smith spends his days working as a Pre Sales Engineer at Six Degrees Group, based at St Katharines Docks in London.

Passionate about tech and the way things work from a young age, Rob’s key areas of interest are around the inner workings of new innovations, the creativity that has gone into them and the problems they solve.

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