Millennials Love Subscription Services

When you were a kid, it was the best day ever when you received something in the post.

Now we are adults, even the millennials, it’s mostly bills, junk and speeding tickets. So, receiving the morning post is not so glamorous as we once thought it was.

Throw in the additions of paperless billing and being super green, there was not a lot to look forward to in the post as an adult.

In 2002, Paul Gardner and Graham Bosher launched DVDsOnTap. This was a small firm in Harlow that you have never heard of but changed the face of consumer subscription services and reintroduced the postman or postwoman as your favourite person.

This was the first iteration of what we knew as LoveFilm. Remember the DVDs through your letter box? Safe to say, this grew exponentially. It put Blockbuster out of business and was snapped up by Amazon in no time.

Amazon has since taken over the world thanks to the introduction of drones and Jeremy Clarkson. They’re not doing bad for themselves. They have also removed the need for LoveFilm thanks to their streaming service – Amazon Instant Video.

Graham Bosher (LoveFilm) either saw this coming or had a massive stroke of luck in 2008. He was also the brains behind Graze. Starting as a group of seven friends delivering healthy snacks to interested consumers, Graze now has 500 employees and are front row in Boots and Sainsbury’s – as well as still doing the deliveries once a week.

So, there’s money in it and people love getting food in the post. No surprises there.

Recently though, my life has been made so easy and the child-like feeling of receiving something in the post has returned.

If you’ve ever exited a tube station, you will have been offered a Hello Fresh voucher. Ingredients to your door for your evening meals. To be honest, they started out naff and I soon cancelled but they were bloody persistent and eventually won me back for a bit until I found a few rivals. I have since tried Gousto and Simply Cook. Both of similar nature and all seem to be on a par.

Of course, it’s cheaper to go to the supermarket and select your own but the point here is convenience.

Moving away from food, people are shopping online more than ever. I have apps for New Look, ASOS, Bershka, Pull and Bear, eBay, Asda and PayPal on my phone and I don’t consider myself a big shopper.

As I was scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw an advert for a blazer that I simply couldn’t resist clicking on. The Chapar has since delivered three “trunks” to my door with a selection of outfits for me to choose from and send back as I see fit.

I’ve even given Cornerstone a try. If you’ve ever seen me, you’ll know I don’t have the most compelling need for a shaving subscription but I gave it a try nonetheless. And you know what? It’s the best shave I’ve ever had. More impressively, it was delivered to my door on the day I selected on my phone on the train to work.

My current favourite is Sprezzabox. You get a monthly delivery including a tie, socks, sunglasses, gift cards and all sorts. Take a look and if you’re interested, get your first one at and use my discount code: DOM123 for a big saving off your first purchase.

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