30 Things To Do Before You’re 30 (1-10) #30Before30

Well done! As a savvy millennial, you’ve decided that you’re going to check out what you haven’t ticked off yet. Maybe your 30th is approaching or maybe you want to get ahead of the game. Well, you’re in the right place. Take a look at the first 10 items in our 30 Things To Do Before You’re 30 series. 

  1. Climb a mountain 

Until you’ve reached the bottom of a mountain – after climbing all the way to the top – you won’t realise what an achievement it is to have clambered all the way up with a group of friends, a real team, and conquered that mountain.  

The adrenaline on the way to the foot of the mountain is so high that you want to sprint off but your strategical side kicks in and the plan you spent weeks – maybe months – devising comes into action. 

You have enough food to feed a small village and you’ll need it. Your rucksack will feel unthinkably heavy but light as a feather when you reach the top and admire the world beneath you. Mountain? Completed it, mate. 


    2. Hit the open road 

Sure, track days are fun but they aren’t for everyone. However, picking a sunny Sunday morning when the roads are quiet and finding a sublime drive through the middle of nowhere is so refreshing.  

You don’t need a soft top or something that goes a million miles an hour. You just need to find the right road. The coast road from Weymouth to Bridport is spectacular and enjoyed at a low speed by everybody – nobody wants to miss those views. 

The A5 from Llangollen to Snowdonia is an absolute joy and handy to tie in with item one on this list as it leads to and from the mountain. 

     3. Cook your other half a three-course meal 

Cooking is one of those things that people either love, hate or just get by with and don’t appreciate it. It’s a vital survival skill that doesn’t take a lot of learning but cooking for one each day is not rewarding – and quite frankly demoralising. 

Cooking for others, especially someone close to you as a thank you is overly satisfying. More so, if you nail it. So, get out the cookbook, dim the lights and serve up an absolute feast. 

     4. Grow a beard 

Perhaps, not for the ladies. Although, if you can then why not embrace it?  

If you’ve never grown a beard before then give it a try. Worst case scenario, you have an itchy, fruitless fortnight but you’ve tried. 

If you regularly shave off the face hair for work, use that two-week holiday to return with a glorious rug on your face. It’s cheaper than plastic surgery and could totally transform your look 

    5. Visit the Northern Lights 

It wasn’t long before travelling somewhere made it into this list and rightly so. The world is your oyster. There are so many places that could have made it into this list but none more alluring than the Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis are a natural display in the sky that can be seen from a number of places.  

A trip to Iceland is recommended at a reasonable price and you get to tick off another beautiful country as well as witnessing this wonderful natural phenomenon.


    6. Become a mentor 

It’s easy to get side tracked on progressing your career that you forget about others. However, if you see somebody in a similar situation to yourself or somebody that is struggling to make it to where they want to be, then this is an ideal opportunity to help them out. Not only will this help them but it will aid you so much in developing skills you didn’t know you had or needed in your career. 

It could be a child, a friend or somebody that you don’t even know. Whoever it is, when the opportunity presents itself, use it to better yourself and help out somebody who needs it. 

    7. Learn a new language 

Lots of schools ensure that you leave having learned a foreign language by the time you’ve left school. However, some don’t have that opportunity. Communication is a life skill and learning a new language can help you connect with others you may not have before. Whether it be a quick thank you in the native tongue on holiday or something more substantial in a meeting, the appreciation you’ll receive will make it wort the effort to learn. 

There are thousands of online courses and classes to choose from so being stuck fluent English is no longer an excuse. 

    8. Do that thing you’ve been putting off 

That “thing” may have already featured in this list. In which case, great. If it hasn’t then think about that one thing you keep parking. Maybe it’s starting a fund for a house, maybe it’s cutting back on caffeine or maybe it’s something as simple as cleaning your car occasionally.  

It could that one thing that keeps you up at night like telling someone that thing you saw them do or a piece of information you found out about their family history. Just do it, before it’s too late and you regret it. 

    9. Quit your job 

It is rare that you will find your perfect job. Sure, some people know what they want to do. Others go through life never finding a job they truly enjoy. One thing to note, however, is that you will not find your dream (or as close to) job if you never leave your current one. So, before you get tied down, have a family and work your way to a career of dullness and boredom, quit your job at least once before you’re 30. 


    10. Move away from your hometown 

You love your hometown. It is your hometown, after all. Everywhere is familiar, you know someone around each corner and your local is only down the road. Ok, so your hometown really is great. But, you know what? So are loads of places.  

Moving away doesn’t mean leaving for ever. Chances are that you haven’t bought a house yet so you aren’t tied to that. Why not try renting at your favourite holiday destination or pick somewhere you’ve always liked the look of on TV. With the advances in technology in recent years, remote working for your company is very possible. 


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