30 Things To Do Before You’re 30 (21-30) #30Before30

The final leg in our 30 Things To Do Before You’re 30 series. Maybe you’re a millennial that’s ticked off 1-20 or maybe you’re keeping them for a special occasion (before you’re 30). Either way, enjoy the final ten and don’t forget to share this if you’ve liked it. You wouldn’t want your friends missing out. 

  1. Take a friend to a Michelin starred restaurant and pay for their meal

Food is great, we all know that. But exquisite food prepared meticulously by an expert in their profession is not to be sniffed at. It makes any “to do before” list and rightly so. If you’ve experienced Michelin starred dining then you know it’s not just a fuss but an absolute delight.  

Go that one step further and take a friend. Not everybody can afford Michelin starred dining but if you’re going, you’re not going to dine alone, are you? Take your bestie out for a treat, on you. 


  1. See a TV show filmed live

This is an easy one to tick off as most shows need an audience so entry is usually free. Think how bad a comedy show would be without the laughter and applause. So, pick out your favourite TV shows and get applying – it’s usually a ballot and the bigger shows are harder to get onto but always worth a try. Links to BBC, ITV and Channel 4 are here, here and here. 


  1. Go geocaching

You may be wondering what on Earth this is. Picture a giant treasure hunt where you have to beat your opposing team to various locations and either unearth the prize or complete a challenge. This caught on a few years back and has almost been eclipsed by the likes of Pokémon Go which is an ongoing challenge for completion. However, there are still lots of cool challenges that have been made better by the technology available so get out there and take on yourself or as a group.  


  1. Ask that friend what they actually do for a living

A novel idea, but come on, how many of you are guilty of not knowing what your friends do for a living? Sure, it’s something to do with insurance or houses or cats but what exactly. By 30 years old, your friends have careers – it’s time you knew what it is they actually do. You might even be interested. And if you’re in that situation, they probably never really understood what you do either. 

  1. Live a week on a strict budget 

This might be something you’ve checked off at uni or when you first fled your parents nest. But, as you approach the big 3-0 and hopefully you’ve got a little more money, have a week on a tight budget.  

How? Work out the amount of money to earned in your first job and live off that for a week. Pay the rent, the bills, the cleaner, the dog walker and see how much you have left for food. 


  1. Pull a pint

Who do you say thank you to more than anybody else but you don’t even know their name? The bar staff. We are truly grateful when they hand us that glass of nectar on a Friday after a long week so why not turn the tables. You could go as far as offering to work a shift and pull pints for the staff but for the sake of ticking it off the list: next time you’re in your local, pull mateyboy-whatshername a pint instead. 



  1. Stay up all night… and day…. and all night again

So, we know how important sleep and rest is by 2018 but there is something about running on fumes and just cracking on through the weekend with your mates. Okay, so Monday morning will be full of regret but the stories will last a lifetime. You could do go crazy on and take a trip to the middle of nowhere, stay up for a movie marathon or watch the Ashes at Christmas, you could turn day drinking into an all nightery and put the world to rights in your front room. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but choose your friends wisely, you’re going to be seeing an awful lot of them. 



  1. Take some time for yourself and travel alone

Sure, holidaying with friends is great and must be done. That first week away as an adult with the lads or the girls is a sacred one. But, after a while, the week-long boozing gets too much and you just need some you-time. A pina colada on the beach doesn’t have to turn into a session, you can enjoy a book in a quiet coffee shop and there is no absent-minded rush to get ready and “meet you all in reception at 7”. 



  1. Do something outrageous

This could mean many things to many people. If you’re an introvert, come out of your shell – maybe dye your hair or take up stand-up comedy at an open mic night? Maybe you decide to go all out and complete the 30 Things To Do Before You’re 30 list? If that is you anyway, then perhaps the reverse? If you’re the last person standing on the dancefloor every weekend then surprise your friends by writing a novel! Or instead of hosting the pre-drinks every weekend, switch it up to a sit down, mature dinner party. 



  1. Spill the beans to your parents

We can’t blame you if you’ve been putting this one off. Chances are your parents either think they know the worst you’ve done – like when you came home drunk at 17 and ate all the crisps – or they think you’re a total angel that must have been having a bad day when you flushed your homework down the toilet. 

But you’re an adult now, so they must accept what you did as a rebellious teenager. Okay, maybe don’t tell them everything. 



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