Is any of this correct?

You are either a millennial, work with a millennial or are considering hiring Millennials so it’s important to understand what the world thinks about Millennials. But it’s also important to dig deeper than public opinion and find out what all the fuss is about.

Millennial does not cover everybody in the age group – there are plenty of hard grafters in the building trade etc but a modern workplace millennial is who we need to uncover.

We are surrounded by technology, rarely seen without it. Does it drive you crazy or does it make for a more productive life?

Received the most marketing attention – you are a product of your own environment. This cannot be helped if the big hitters at the top decided Millennials need to be marketed to.

Most ethnically diverse – to a millennial, this is not a trait, just life so yes that’s correct.

High expectations stem from others’ negativity and bad life experiences. Just because mum and dad worked in a shop their whole life or grandad made shoes either side of the war doesn’t mean Millennials will settle for a poorly paid job.

Education is broad term; with most Millennials ending up working in technology one way or the other. The exposure to computers, console and mobiles had led to self-taught professionals in the workplace so the conventional degree or a levels quickly become irrelevant.

As Millennials, we don’t want to be awkward, we want to be productive. If a task can take 10 minutes using a new methodology or new technology then why accept the slower, less advanced version.

If your car had a setting to use less petrol and perform the same way or better, you would surely choose this over the traditional setting. There’s nothing to lose and you already have the capability.

Millennials want to work from home or in the quiet coffee shop from time to time. This doesn’t mean they are anti-social or doing a bunk. This means they recognise they can remove themselves from a noisy, disruptive environment to achieve what they have set out to do.

Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. You do not need to adapt to work with millennials, just let them get on with it. If results are being produced, does it really matter if your tattooed, untucked shirt wearing, protein shake drinking employee is sat at his or her desk from 9 until 5.30 each day?

Of course, every millennial is different and who knows what the next generation will be like? It looks like we are labelling them Generation Z and they are surrounded by tech even more so.

Failure to accept the current crop of employees could lead to negative results when it comes to shaping and leading your company in the future.